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The Brand






Favouring the familiar, there is nothing quite like entering your own home after exploring the world with its wonderful differences and diversities. Though few things compare to slipping into the unimaginable softness of a luxurious dressing gown and enjoying your personal time, the hominess can follow you wherever life takes you. Bring your favourite dressing gown on short trips or long journeys; by bringing a piece of the best from home for ultimate recharging when taking control of your own time.


The described approach to personal luxury and private moments were amongst the founding philosophies when two sisters decided to introduce the universe of Vibeke Scott. An homage to sisters Nicole and Chantall’s photographer Grandmother. Vibeke Scott’s lust for adventure and new inspiration led her around the globe capturing motifs for her, at the time, state of the art camera. Like their grandmother, Nicole and Chantall search the distant corners of the world for inspiration for future pieces to be explored in the lush world of Vibeke Scott.