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LUXURY is the most beautiful and softest robes! 
LUXURY is made from lavish Silk Velvet and comes with the luxury of the same silk velvet lining on the inside and therefor so soft that we recommend you to not to have anything
but underwear underneath. 

These styles are the deluxe model for the girl who truly values everyday luxury


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Luxury Dressing Gown by Vibeke Scott

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, our lounge wear are inspired by the Danish Design values combined with world travelling. We have a deeply rooted passion for unique design and Scandianvian elegance. Based on our traditions of craftmanship and quality, we have design the Luxury Dressing Gown. With style and comfort as our main focus. We stock sizes from S to XL in several colors and
the Luxury Dressing Gown comes with a belt.

We are confident that our Vibeke Scott quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten.